Struggle. Adventure. Love.

These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Plethory of Powers now available!

Two tales between one set of covers! This book is both a prequel to The Weaving, and a set of novella-sized stories that stand on their own.

In "The Case of the Missing Succubus," Rose, the Witch of the Woods, must solve a murder mystery and find a missing girl before someone else winds up dead. When the girl turns out to not even be human, and her assistant is a shapeshifting coyotie named Keyotie, events are bound to get complicated.

This is followed by "A Conference of Powers," an old-fashioned pileup of mislaid plans and hairbrained schemes as all the magical powers in the land are invited to a conference at the King's palace. Rose and Keyotie again make an appearance along with elves, dragons, and various wizards and witches. And did I mention the Royal Wizard, the man responsible for keeping everyone on their best behavior, is new to the job?

A Plethory of Powers is available in paper or electronic format at the usual online stores.