Struggle. Adventure. Love.

These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Distant Call now free from Smashworlds!

Promo is now over! But lots of people downloaded so thanks for checking it out. If you liked the story, or want to plunk down less than a dollar for it at the normal price now, remember there is an exciting sequel due out this summer called Deal With the Devil.

Smashworlds is having a promo, where the authors can select a publication to download for free during 4 through 10 March. I've chosen my novella A Distant Call and if you go there, you can download it for free to any platform you want, including to read on your computer if you don't have an ebook device yet.

Just go to Smashworlds A Distant Call and check out the upper right corner for information. While you're there, check out other books with prices slashed or free during this special week.

In my case, this will be a kickoff for a sequel to A Distant Call that VTP will be publishing this summer, titled Deal with the Devil. More information to come.