Struggle. Adventure. Love.

These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VTP Fall Anthology now available!

With stories by such well respected authors as Karen Michelle Nutt, Kit Prate, Stephanie Burkhart, Sarah J McNeal and of course yours truly, this collection has an Autumn/Halloween theme and boy did the writers outdo themselves.

The print version is at Create Space already and will start popping up at Amazon and elsewhere within a week.  Will link to more info about the book and stories in it when we get them going.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Crazy Jack" coming soon!

Set in the 1920s, Elizabeth Sherritt is a young single woman living in a shack far back on the ridge, struggling to make ends meet while raising her orphaned nephew. Crazy Jack is a mountain man who loves Elizabeth and has asked her to marry him. It should be the answer to her prayers, except for one problem: he's crazy.

Crazy Jack claims there are animal spirits in his head that guide and sometimes take over his actions. It's enough to make a woman pause before accepting a proposal. Still, she's one of the Sherritt witches that live in the holler and most men wouldn't have anything to do with her, so maybe she can't afford to be too picky.

But now there is a much bigger problem. Crazy Jack ends up accused of a robbery and murder. The sheriff wants him in jail if the murdered man's kin don't track him down and lynch him first. Elizabeth is the only person around who believes him when he claims he's innocent.

Now Elizabeth must call upon kinfolk and friends to help her prove Jack's innocence and keep the entire mountain from erupting into a clan feud.

Coming soon from Victory Tales Press, available in ebook or paperback.