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These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Have Yourself a Merry Little Romance now available!

Just in time for the Holidays, we have this Christmas themed anthology for your reading pleasure. Victory  Tales has one again chosen six wonderful romantic adventures for your enjoyment. And yes, another of my stories is in there. If you've been following the adventures of the Sherritt clan, then this one is a must read. If you enjoy well written stories with a bit of romance thrown in, then this is definitely the one for you.

Link to Amazon page  Link to Createspace

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Conference of Powers is now available!

The Elf King would love to forge an alliance with the Dragons to wipe out the human Empire...if only Elves
and Dragons weren't violently allergic to each other, and nobody wants to go near a dragon having a sneezing attack.

King Justin would like nothing more than a little peace and quiet throughout his Empire...if only the magical Powers weren't constantly at each other's throats and busy settling grudges.

The Ice Queen would like nothing more than to finance an army so she could expand her little Queendom, if only her treasure vaults weren't empty, unlike King Justin's.

And the Royal Wizard Bertram would like nothing more than to get through this Conference of Powers with both the Royal Palace and his job intact...

If you would like to read a story that reviewers say is genuinely "laugh out loud funny" then this for you. It doesn't just skewer the conventions of sword and sorcery; it deep fries and serves them to you on a bun.
Available at find online book outlets.

Monday, April 27, 2015

"Case of the Missing Succubus" now published!
Originally part of the Plethory of Powers collection, these novellas have been out of print for years. Now re-edited and released by Rebecca J Vickery Publishing, this story began the world of The Weaving and will soon be followed by second editions of the out-of-print classics and even new stories to continue the adventures of Rose and Keyotie and the gang.
I'm also trying to brainstorm ideas for promotion and have some ebooks to hand out for honest reviews.
Thanks to Rebecca who remembered these books fondly and helped me get them back into reader's hands.

Rose, the Witch of the Woods and High Priestess, is called upon by the Dean of White College to solve a murder mystery, find a missing girl, and get things under control before someone else winds up dead.
Her assistant, a shape-shifting coyote named Keyotie, relishes his reputation as the Trickster and greatly enjoys the company of females. But he also possesses a sharp nose and a certain talent for solving puzzles.
When they discover the missing girl is not human and other things are not exactly as they appear, their quest gets even more complicated.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

In case y'all wonder what's happening, I've finished the re-edits of my set of novellas first published together as a "A Plethory of Powers" and I'll be republishing a second edition of the stories separately. Also, I have a great story ready to go on Victory Tale's summer anthology. Titled "Nancy Sherritt, Frontier Witch", it's the story of Gran when she was a young woman first setting out for adventure in 1850s America. Oh, and I have a guest article up in the blog Once Upon A Word where I discuss the evolution of a writer's characters in an ongoing series. And Spring is here!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Several new stories published!

It's been a great start to 2015, with two of my stories being published back to back.

First off, we have a new episode of the Appalachia Series, titled "Ring for a Lady", in the VTP romantic anthology "Fated to be Yours".  This story takes Seth and Jolene, two sweethearts from opposite sides of the track, into their next adventure as Seth (now a local Deputy) enlists Jolene's aid to solve the mystery of a stabbing and kidnapping on the mountain.  Having the Sherritt witches and Crazy Jack involved, there's magic and myth and a touch of mountain humor.  Oh, and Jolene's father also hatches plans to split them up for good.

  Just follow the like to to read the beginning of the story.  Oh, and these other tales are also great!

And the next announcement is that my story from a previous anthology has been published by Rebecca as a stand alone short!  This one is "Taking Liberty" and for less than a dollar, you can download an exciting adventure with twists and turns sure to keep you satisfied.

"Taking Liberty" is the story of Libby "Liberty" Bell, a waitress at a local diner, hiding out from an abusive former lover who won't leave her alone.  She strikes up a steamy romance with a local hunky fireman, but wouldn't you know it, that old boyfriend tracks her down.  Will she have to run away to hide again, or risk a confrontation?  Oh, and turns out there is a serial killer hanging around town at the same time.

So pop on over and give this one a sample.  And if you like these stories, you can click on the author's name and see about a dozen more stories to enjoy. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm Back!

I must apologize.

I pretty much abandoned this blog over the past few years, as my life got very complicated and I focused on my writing.

So what's been happening the past few years?  Pill Hill Press, the original publisher of my novel "The Weaving" and assorted short stories and novellas went out of business, for one thing.  They did it right, announcing it was going to happen and why, paying due royalties, and assigning back rights to all our books so I can eventually republish.  These small press publishers tend to be labors of love by one person or couple, and this sort of thing happens.

And I've really gotten busy writing a series of stories for a new publisher, Victory Tales Press.  I call it my Appalachia Supernatural series and people like them enough for me to continue the adventures of the Sherritt witches as they battle evil and fall in love, usually at the same time.

So here's what I promise.  As soon as I figure out how to do it, I'll completely update this blog.  Right now I can't remember or figure out how to change a darned thing so it will take me a few days.  And I will post on a regular (maybe weekly) basis on what's happening.

See you on the flip side.    

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Introducing Crazy Jack, a new novel!

I’m proud to present Crazy Jack, the first book-length story in the Appalachia supernatural romance series.

This time we are introduced to Crazy Jack, a local character who is…well, crazy. He hears voices in his head that he claims are animal spirits that can even take over his body. He’s in love with Elizabeth, a young Sherritt witch living way back on the ridge, struggling to make ends meet while trying to raise her orphaned nephew. She loves him in return, but has real doubts about the wisdom of marrying someone like Jack.

Then Crazy Jack is accused of murder and becomes a hunted man, both by the sheriff who wants him in jail and the murdered man’s kin who just want him dead. Elizabeth believes he is innocent and must call upon the powers of her Sherritt blood and get help from her own kin before the mountain erupts into a clan feud. And of course, Crazy Jack is not going to take being framed for murder lying down.

Set in the world of A Distant Call and Deal with the Devil, this new book-length story explores the Appalachia world of our lovers and heroes, revisits old friends and introduces new ones while giving you an exciting love story full of action and adventure. Secrets hinted at in the previous stories are revealed, some questions answered (such as how the Sherritt witches came to be living in that mountain holler in the first place) and new secrets hinted at. While part of a larger tapestry with much still to be written, Crazy Jack stands on its own with no problem following the story and characters.

Now available in eBook or paperback at a low price from your favorite bookstores.

Crazy Jack at Smashworlds Crazy Jack at Amazon Crazy Jack at Lulu Crazy Jack (paperback) at Createspace