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These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Monday, April 27, 2015

"Case of the Missing Succubus" now published!
Originally part of the Plethory of Powers collection, these novellas have been out of print for years. Now re-edited and released by Rebecca J Vickery Publishing, this story began the world of The Weaving and will soon be followed by second editions of the out-of-print classics and even new stories to continue the adventures of Rose and Keyotie and the gang.
I'm also trying to brainstorm ideas for promotion and have some ebooks to hand out for honest reviews.
Thanks to Rebecca who remembered these books fondly and helped me get them back into reader's hands.

Rose, the Witch of the Woods and High Priestess, is called upon by the Dean of White College to solve a murder mystery, find a missing girl, and get things under control before someone else winds up dead.
Her assistant, a shape-shifting coyote named Keyotie, relishes his reputation as the Trickster and greatly enjoys the company of females. But he also possesses a sharp nose and a certain talent for solving puzzles.
When they discover the missing girl is not human and other things are not exactly as they appear, their quest gets even more complicated.

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