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These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Conference of Powers is now available!

The Elf King would love to forge an alliance with the Dragons to wipe out the human Empire...if only Elves
and Dragons weren't violently allergic to each other, and nobody wants to go near a dragon having a sneezing attack.

King Justin would like nothing more than a little peace and quiet throughout his Empire...if only the magical Powers weren't constantly at each other's throats and busy settling grudges.

The Ice Queen would like nothing more than to finance an army so she could expand her little Queendom, if only her treasure vaults weren't empty, unlike King Justin's.

And the Royal Wizard Bertram would like nothing more than to get through this Conference of Powers with both the Royal Palace and his job intact...

If you would like to read a story that reviewers say is genuinely "laugh out loud funny" then this for you. It doesn't just skewer the conventions of sword and sorcery; it deep fries and serves them to you on a bun.
Available at find online book outlets.

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