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These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Several new stories published!

It's been a great start to 2015, with two of my stories being published back to back.

First off, we have a new episode of the Appalachia Series, titled "Ring for a Lady", in the VTP romantic anthology "Fated to be Yours".  This story takes Seth and Jolene, two sweethearts from opposite sides of the track, into their next adventure as Seth (now a local Deputy) enlists Jolene's aid to solve the mystery of a stabbing and kidnapping on the mountain.  Having the Sherritt witches and Crazy Jack involved, there's magic and myth and a touch of mountain humor.  Oh, and Jolene's father also hatches plans to split them up for good.

  Just follow the like to to read the beginning of the story.  Oh, and these other tales are also great!

And the next announcement is that my story from a previous anthology has been published by Rebecca as a stand alone short!  This one is "Taking Liberty" and for less than a dollar, you can download an exciting adventure with twists and turns sure to keep you satisfied.

"Taking Liberty" is the story of Libby "Liberty" Bell, a waitress at a local diner, hiding out from an abusive former lover who won't leave her alone.  She strikes up a steamy romance with a local hunky fireman, but wouldn't you know it, that old boyfriend tracks her down.  Will she have to run away to hide again, or risk a confrontation?  Oh, and turns out there is a serial killer hanging around town at the same time.

So pop on over and give this one a sample.  And if you like these stories, you can click on the author's name and see about a dozen more stories to enjoy.