Struggle. Adventure. Love.

These are the three elements in any good story. Everything else is background.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

"I'm not a Pooka," he told her, flashing that wicked grin of his. "I'm the Pooka. And I'm not a six foot tall rabbit and my name isn't Harvey. Call me Pook."
Trudy Macalester is a young, single school teacher living with her newly remarried father. Her biggest problem is her love life – or rather lack of one. Then she stumbles across a book of spells, and accidentally summons a magical being from the old country. Pook makes no secret that he's here to seduce her. The problem is, Trudy suspects this handsome rogue is hiding secrets that might be dangerous for her and everyone around her. The legends are clear on one thing: when it comes to dealing with Fairies, nothing is ever as it seems.
I am pleased to announce VTP has published my novella, Third Time's the Charm, and it's available now at Smashwords and Amazon for only 99 cents.